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Fortunato Diego

Fortunato Diego

Diego Fortunato is an artist and designer known for his ability to alter our perception and pleasure of both space and reality. During low ski season in St Moritz he spotted a tiny stone and moved it 1.2 inches, having a revelation: “I’ve transformed the landscape”, he has been a conceptual artist ever since.

Diego Fortunato founded his first design studio in 1995 in Barcelona, his London design studio followed in 2011. The Argentinian-born designer’s lighting, urban furniture, rugs, upholstering, and limited edition objects reside between industrial design, sculpture and conceptual art. Deceptively simple, yet meticulously detailed, they show his constant search for theoretically possible concepts rather than merely shapes. He wants us to feel a story behind his work and sometimes his sense of humor and fantasy. An accomplished designer, Diego has created long-lasting products for the market. His timeless designs have become best-sellers over the years.

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