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Ninaber van Eyben Bruno

Ninaber van Eyben Bruno

After graduating from the Maastricht College of Art, Bruno Ninaber van Eyben has evolved from designer jewelry to industrial design. His works are present in the various modern art museums of the world.

As early as 1970, he produced his watch bracelet (1973), his pendant watch (1976) and a fluorescent lighting system (1977). These products are still in production now and have become Dutch design classics.

In 1980, Bruno Ninaber designed the new set of Dutch pieces with the portrait of Queen Beatrix. He is also the designer of the first series of euro coins in the Netherlands, chosen in 19981.

In 2008, the designer received a very high Dutch distinction for the whole of his integral work, the “Artwork of the Beeldende Kunsten Fund, Vormgeving en Bouwkunst” worth 40,000 euros.

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