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Lodovico Acerbis

Lodovico Acerbis

A few things are already known about Lodovico Acerbis. Lodovico Acerbis He was born in Albino (Bergamo) to a family of furniture makers, gained a degree in Business and Economics in Milan and is currently the president of the company that bears his name.

He’s also an important member of the boards of several business and design associations.
But how did he become a designer? And when?
Three dates, three moments.
1947. Toy furniture
1971. Parioli System (by the Technical Office)
1977. In collaboration with Giotto Stoppino.

1947. While still a young boy, he designed and produced a table and chairs for a local toy shop. It sounds like a story dreamt up by a PR office given his future profession.

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