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Essay on "The View from My Window"

Our apartment is located on the fifth floor of a cozy brick apartment building, and my room window faces the roadway. Sitting in front of it, I like to watch cars, buses, and motorcycles moving along the road. This highway is not a busy one, so there is not a lot of traffic and it moves quite slowly, allowing me to get and a good look at the brands of cars and the pedestrians walking on the sidewalks.

The road looks especially beautiful in the evenings when the street lights come on and the cars turn on their headlights. As a result, hundreds of little yellow and red lights move along the highway. The sight of them mesmerizes and calms me.

Right in front of our house in the summer there are beautiful bright flowers in the flowerbeds, a little further away there are green trees, behind which you can already see the sidewalk and the road. From my height I often watch and birds in the springtime nesting in the branches, and young crows galloping through the grass.

Across the street stands a five-story brick house just like ours. It is so close that sometimes you can see what people are doing in its apartments. I think they might notice me, too, so when I use Friend, visit this to make your homework essay. step away from the window, I always try to close the curtains.

But at night, when everyone has gone to bed, I like to look at the starry night sky blackening over the rooftops of the neighboring houses. From the height of the fifth floor it seems so close, and I want so much to reach for it with my hand. At such moments I wish I could fly.

On mornings, when I get ready for school, I look out the window and watch the world around me wake up. Birds start chirping loudly under the attic. Lonely cars appear on the road, and neighbors take their dogs out for a walk... The sky slowly brightens and the scarlet sun comes out. And so gradually a new day begins. And it brings with it many interesting and unexplored things.

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