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Tobia Scarpa Bastiano lounge chair help  


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28/11/2021 7:53 pm  

Long story short, I got this chair from a late Knoll employee’s stash his kid is now going through and helping him sell it.  The dad worked there from the 50’s-90’s as a Design and Development woodworker- often directly working with the designer to make their products a reality and in a separate secret location away from the plant.  There are many prototypes, mock ups and pieces that he used to perfect the plant production process.  He also acquired most of this stuff as seconds as their employee discount is not that great for a blue collar worker.  That’s said, I am trying to do what I can to get things up to snuff and find Them New homes.  This chair has me perplexed a bit and I am hoping some of you familiar with the Gavina productions can chime in.  My chair has a metal frame which is upholstered in matching leather to the cushions.  There is a sticker on the metal that says Sleep-Comfort Lebanon.  The upholstery work is very nice and encloses the strapping structure with fabric in the middle and dust cover underneath.  I have some work to do on the frame as the back piece needs to be reinstalled and I have a cracked piece to glue up (not structural)  Have a look and see if any of you recognize this as an early Gavina production or can piece together why it is different than later Knoll productions.    Thank you!


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