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Sharing kitchen ide...

Sharing kitchen ideas  


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09/04/2021 7:36 am  

Hey all!

I just wanted to share the link that inspired us in our kitchen. Our kitchen is one of the key points of our house and we're just so proud and happy of it. When we bought the house, the kitchen has these old cabinets installed. We wanted to keep the original cabinets because we were saving money for the new countertops but we wanted to modernize it. So, here's what we did: we took out the doors, replaced the hinges and handles with new ones, we removed the middle of the door and put in transparent fiberglass and then painted them grey in complement to our Calacatta Nuvo countertop. I would send a photo but my spouse forbade me to because the kitchen is a mess right now.

Check the link to learn more and maybe you'll get inspired too!

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12/04/2021 10:36 am  

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