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Flip top rosewood c...

Flip top rosewood coffeetable  


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21/09/2018 12:37 am  

Have had this table for a while now and have not been able to identify either a maker or deisgner.

All my searches have only turned up one other similar table thats made in tye same way, but looks to at leadt 10years earlier from the design.

But most likely the same maker.

Mine is more a late 60

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22/09/2018 9:52 pm  

Did some Googling ( slow day here ! ). No definitive ID for you but found some info/ possible leads.

The second "similar" table you posted is by Torbjorn Afdal ,for Bruksbo Tegnekontor, produced by Haug Snekkeri (circa 1962 according to Blomqvist. Oslo).

I found your exact table on PikView with the # haugsnekkeri, posted in 2017 by someone in UTAH. No pics of labels unfortunately.

Best of luck with the search as Norwegian furniture is not as well documented as the Danish!



BTW beautiful table.

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