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Eames LAR low wire ...

Eames LAR low wire base fiberglass armchair -- are they comfortable?  


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03/12/2022 6:45 pm  

I haven't been able to find an Eames fiberglass LAR low wire base armchair in the flesh to sit in and try out.  Can't find much in the way of customer reviews about them.  The LAR is the lounge version with arm rests which has a 12.25" inch seat height and recline.    

A few questions for folks here:

  • What is the armrest height on the LAR?  This spec is not published by Herman Miller.
  • In general, is the fiberglass version (without optional fabric pad) comfortable for an extended period?
  • Is it worth it to upgrade to the optional fabric pad over the fiberglass?
  • Is the low seat height awkward for average size folks?  I'm average height and weight (5' 9" 155 lbs)


Link to the all fiberglass version:

Link to upgraded version with fabric overlay:




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04/12/2022 7:31 pm  

Post a photo of your space for context.

Consult with your retailer or decorator.

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05/12/2022 9:03 pm  

Arm height is about 20” from the floor (little lower in front, little higher in rear). I use mine as an extra chair in my office, so don’t sit in it for extended time. I’m 6’5” so I look like a coiled up spring if I sit upright in it, but it isn’t designed for that - you are meant to stretch legs and scoot forward and it is comfortable for that. My cover was pretty much destroyed when I got the chair, so never used it, though I stuck it away somewhere. Sure it would be a bit more comfortable with cover but then you don’t see fiberglass which is usually the point.


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