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Chair Identification help!  

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09/06/2021 12:39 am  

@cdsilva,  Seems like they might be doing more than talking.

Alex Julia
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09/06/2021 9:22 am  

An indication of the furniture's producer is an assembling tag, mark or stamp bearing the name of the maker. Such a stamping or mark may have been put inside a pull-out on an old dresser, on the rear of a bureau, or on the underside of a seat or couch seat.

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10/06/2021 8:54 am  

A major telling feature of antique chair starts from the ground and goes up; leg shapes facilitate outline the design and amount to that the chair belongs.Modern article of furniture chairs might feature a tag listing each manufacturer and serial range or style name, which may be explored on the manufacturer's web site or on collector websites. Value Office Furniture provides all types of chairs with identification, best quality and affordable cost. 

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