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Ib Kofod Larsen- Elizabeth chair- Is she really Elizabeth?  


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11/10/2016 10:38 pm  

Hi everyone from sunny Spain Barcelona,
I have read several of the threads and there seem to some real experts here, which is just what I need. Here I have the photos of my really lucky find. I believe she (Elizabeth) is the real thing, the one everyone would love to find! Is she?
Recently bought on a famous second hand page from a lady who told me they were Swedish, and that her parents bought 2 in 1961 (the year she was born) to decorate their new house. Sadly the other one she threw on the tip the week before I bought it because the arms had become unstuck!
You can all gasp and send hands to head at this moment!
No makers marks, at least at first sight on the wood. Very badly reupholstered in the 70's, (look how the front looks square due to too much leather on the curve and the lip finish). And no cushion, I just put a spare one on to see how it would look. Quite a few marks of unwanted visitors (woodworm), but quite manageable. ( I immediately started injecting) should I freeze?
I have no idea what wood it is. Teak? Rosewood? The frame is sturdy but creaks a bit.
So my questions to all are.....
How can I tell if it's a Christensen & Larsen, is there any foolproof way? DId they "always stamp"? There is NOT one bolt or screw on the chair! The joins are fixed and carved into the wood, even the bucket shape seat joins and sits on the base with 2 wooden 1cms round pieces that slip perfectly into the seat
What was the original filling of the cushion, horsehair, foam?
Should I completely restore myself....oooo! Bad idea? Or just reupholster? and in what? Leather? Red or brown? Material? What were the originals upholstered in?
As you can see, I am at a loss, I have no idea what to do with it? Apart from sitting down opposite and looking at her with enormous respect, I even stroke those beautiful razor sharp arms.
So, what on earth should I do? Is she Really the "Elizabeth Chair"?
Many many thanks to all that can give me info and advice here!
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11/10/2016 11:20 pm  

While the chair seems to have been inspired by the design of the Elizabeth chair, the shape of the arms is not correct (the ends of yours turn outward), and the shape of the upholstered seat/cushion is not the round shape of the seat of the Elizabeth chair.

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12/10/2016 1:00 am  

There were many variations of the C&L Elizabeth chair made; some designed by Kofod Larsen, others not.
It appears your chair has a through tenon detail for the back stretcher. Maybe you could google search for similar detail examples to see if any of those are marked.

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13/10/2016 10:01 am  

While the frame looks a close design the seat in your chair is wrong.
Is the back a single solid curve. Can you feel the cross member in the middle?
Also the seat has not got the exposed webbing.
What does the chair look like underneath?
Compare with my marked elizabeth chairs

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13/10/2016 10:57 pm  

The Swedish version of the chair was named the "seal" but its not that one either.
It looks very much alike what supposedly was a German version of the Elizabeth, discussed here not to long ago.
But interesting that they lady said they were Swedish, maybe i will have to look into that.
Either way,its not the real Elizabeth chair i am afraid.


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