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Adrian Pearsall Tub Chair  


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29/06/2016 6:32 am  

Picked up what I have identified as an Adrian Pearsall 2036-C Tub Chair. Haven't been able to find many examples of this chair online, and was wondering if anyone thinks it is worth getting reupholstered? Also if anyone has or currently owns one and can provide some more info on the piece that would be amazing. Pics are attached below
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29/06/2016 5:14 pm  

If you're searching for "Pearsall 2036-C", you probably won't find much because most people don't know the model number. If you're searching for "Pearsall tub chair" you also won't see many because a tub chair is the general name for a heavier upholstered chair, I think (of which Pearsall produced many). Try "Pearsall Saarinen chair" (without the quotes) since it's a knockoff of the Saarinen design.
I don't know if it's worth paying to have it reupholstered. Maybe if you really, really love it and plan to keep it a long time and you get the fabric for cheap and find someone who can do a good job for not a lot of money? Pearsall furniture is not terribly well made and in the end most of his things are copies of better stuff---just things to keep in mind when deciding which way to take it.

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29/06/2016 6:15 pm  

Thanks Spanky for your input. I do like the chair, I don't know about love. However, I am into it for almost nothing so I think I will get a few quotes.

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10/10/2016 5:26 pm  

The Pearsall chair that you have is Model # 2041 - C Tub Chair. The Model # 2034 - C Tub Chair is an office chair in the style of your chair that sat upon an solid aluminum base with small castors.
***I stand corrected, your chair is the 2036 - C Tub Chair.***
Your looking at about 3.5 yards of fabric and about $100 - $150 to have reupholstered.
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