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03/01/2020 4:12 am  

Is this legit/worth it? seller says they've replaced the legs since the original ones broke (prob why it's only $90), but I'm also wondering if the stamp is legit. I've seen a couple others for sale for a couple hundred with this stamp but there's no trace of the FH in a circle. Also haven't been able to find a pic of what the screws are supposed to look like, so I'm pretty lost!

Thanks in advance!

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03/01/2020 4:38 pm  

Hi. Not a legit dot stool and by no means by Fritz Hansen. You can find those easily in Denmark for 15/20€ max. 
I believe the legs are original though. 

Sorry I would like to give you  detailed explanations why this is not a legit dot stool but there are just too many...

See how a dot stool should look like underneath.



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