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bureau Contoured Crater

Product’s details:
– Multi-ply Birch Office, Stainless Steel, Lead Ballast
– L.222 x H.75 x P.100 cm
– Limited edition (maximum 10 pieces)

Work & Style:
A construction methodically designed in which the structure becomes the surface, the office
Contour Crater seems to float in weightlessness with its 50 slices of multi-fold birch that stretch between two stainless steel blades.
On the surface, a broad strip of brushed metal defines a work surface, while at the base, a polished steel base anchors the birch plates and reflects the reflection of their rise in cantilever. Integrated in the foot, a ballast weight balances the whole. The wood extracted from the heart of the office becomes a side table inspired by Fontana, which serves as a vertical storage.

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