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Project’s details:
– Width: 25,7 cm
– Height: 32,0 cm
– Material : Plastic material injected.
– The Algae are sold by 25 pieces
– year: 2004
– they exist in 7 colors
– 25 pieces are needed to built a 1 structure

Work & style:
Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, are known for their creations mixing futuristic forms, modern materials and innovative ideas. In the portfolio of the two brothers there is a wide range of design objects, starting with numerous accessories such as Vitra Algae, vases, lamps and textiles. But the Bouroullec also created traditional furniture, such as the Slow Chair or Vegetal Chair Vitra, and carried out more conceptual works. Their Algae, born in 2004, serve as a room separator and can take various forms according to the desires. The Vitra Algae can perfectly reflect the philosophy of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec: “Design must be seen as a way of producing a certain diversity in the series, freeing oneself as much as possible from authoritarianism and entrusting the work to the user “. Indeed, these Algae are imprinted with lightness and delicacy, and this gives a magical side to everyday objects.

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