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Drawing inspiration from the simple beauty of water, Gessi has been designing and producing bathroom and kitchen furnishing items for more than 15 years.Armando Vicario;;+39 0322 93405;6/04/09 02:00;;;Italy;
Panasonic;;;30/03/09 02:00;;;Japan;
Qui est Paul?;;+33 545 708 910;28/03/09 01:00;;;France;
Korhonen;;+358 (0)2 275 1200;19/03/09 01:00;;;Finland;
Fristho Franeker;;;27/02/09 01:00;;;;
Belform;;;26/02/09 01:00;;;Belgium;
Tomado;;;21/02/09 01:00;;;Netherlands;
Northern Lighting;;+47 4000 7037;18/02/09 01:00;Northern Lighting is a Nordic creator of lights. We produce designer lamps and lights for different moods which are inspired by the unique Nordic nature, our culture and society, and the very special natural light which surround us.

Northern Lighting is a commercial hub for Nordic designers. The people who make our lamps include both young up-and-coming talents and recognised designers. Despite their different levels of experience, they all have one thing in common: they are fiery souls who are fascinated by the mood-creating possibilities of light.”