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Demeyere is a family-owned company that was founded in 1908 and is located in Herentals near Antwerp, Belgium. Demeyere has become over the years a worldwide reference company for the production of culinary utensils in stainless steel that are widely used by professional and amateur chefs in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.Villa Mode;;+1 604 730 8135;13/03/06 01:00;Villa Mode is a Canadian company, based in Vancouver, which is committed to the best that modern design can bring to contemporary products. Villa Mode employs craftmen that share the same vision and do not accept compromise in quality.

Each product is carefully researched and studied in order to ensure the materials used are the most appropriate to their function and the form is most suited to it’s purpose. Villa Mode’s attempt is to eliminate useless clutter in design and let beauty of the final product serve as it’s decoration.”