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Blixt Yngve

Blixt Yngve

Yngve began his career as a grower at Höganäs Ceramics. After studying for Albin Hamberg he started his own ceramics workshop in Höganäs in 1949At the start he produced the most simple souvenir items, but gradually the quality was raised and he produced a lot of unique production with different experimental glasses.

Together with Inga Palmgren, he exhibited in Limhamn in 1960. Among his public works is an owl marked for Hov’s church. Together with Ann Jansson, Claes Thell, Brita Mellander-Jungermann and Henning Nilsson, he formed the ceramics group in Höganäs, which organized collective exhibitions and ran his own exhibition hall in Höganäs. He signed his work with Y.Blixt Höganäs.

Yngve is represented at Nationalmuseum in Stockholm.

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