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Guhl Willy

Guhl Willy

Son of joiner, Willy Guhl is born on July 6th, 1915 to Stein am Rhein, in Switzerland.

After a training formation of cabinet maker, he frequents Kunstgewerbeschule (School of Decorative arts) of Zurich. In 1939, he opens its own workshop studio of cabinetmaking.

In 1941, he began teaching in the field of the internal development in Kunstgewerbeschule, school which he manages from 1951. Among the pupils of Willy Guhl, any merged periods, we find Robert Haussman, Anton Bee, Bruno Rey, Karl Schneider, Stefan Zwicky, Ubald Klug, Kurt Thut or still Alfred Hablützel.

The house Röthlisberger edits its first piece of furniture in 1941, Bankstuhl: a chair-bench the structure of which is made by an element of connection frame-support of wooden hurt shape and among which the case and the basis are in canework