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Arnoult Michel

Arnoult Michel

Born in Paris and adoptive Brazilian, Michel Arnoult is recognized as one of the fathers of both Ready-To-Assemble furniture (RTA) and flat packaging. He always ardently defended the democratization of design at the expense of any creative vanity.
From 1952 he starts designing simple furniture and focuses its researches on the RTA furniture concept. He particularly takes an interest in production optimization using standard parts, common to various furniture, and volumes optimization using flat-packs. This approach is regarded as the premises of the current Cash & Carry. He also focuses on a concept he calls the “firm comfort”: a well-studied design combined with a very great quality of manufacturing bring comfort to furniture only made of wood.


Mid-Century Modern Leather Rocking Chair by Michel Arnoult

Pair of Side Tables by Michel Arnoult for Mobilia Contemporânea

Michel Arnoult Stools in Brazilian Jacaranda with Linen Seats