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Bihain Michaël

Bihain Michaël

Michaël Bihain studied interior design at the Institute Saint-Luc in Liège and at Hull University in England, having previously trained as a butcher and as a carpenter.
Michaël Bihain works with companies and distributors, on the development of furniture, jewellery and accessories. He is also the founder of the BihainProd studio in London, which is centred on the design of one-off creations for private customers. Michaël Bihain has also produced multiples of certain designs, such as ‘Oyon’, the first mural fruit holder. He has been awarded the ‘Aide à la création et innovation’ prize, conceived the furniture for the British Council in Paris, the interior of the family museum of the English sculptor Henry Moore, develops furniture for the data-processing field for the manufacturer Chizat, design with the cigarette brand Benson cigarette & Edges private interiors in London, design jewellery for True Love, develops products with OboeConcept and currently teaches furniture at Saint-Luc. His works are regularly displayed at exhibitions in London, Paris, and Milan. Some of his works are a part of the permanent collection of the design Museum of Seoul. In the world of Michaël Bihain, you may see dancing shelves (Let’s Dance), fruit becoming a part of our walls (Oyon) or a chair that you would never sit on (Paradise Chair). Michael’s unique and daring designs represent the vanishing point where news, lifestyle and conventional memory converge and overlap. They are his desire to design responsible furniture for free people.

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