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Koldova Lucie

Koldova Lucie

Lucie is a designer of products and furniture born in the Czech Republic.
After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2009, she moved to Paris. She works there as a designer of furniture and lighting. Lucie established her own studio in Paris in 2012.

She appreciates the influences, inspiration and fusion of cultures in both Prague and Paris, where she continues to work for international clients. Lucie manufactures furniture, glass sculptures and timeless luminaries, objects of desire. Her work is very broad, encompassing products of everyday life, creations for conceptual spaces or urban areas, as well as objects for art galleries and limited series.

In 2010, she made a successful start in France by producing a unique glass work called Muffins and Balloons for Brokis (a traditional Czech manufacturer). Since that moment, she remaind faithful to the glass and enjoys experimenting with various light sources and craft materials, being fascinated by various glass blowing techniques.