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De Carvalho Flavio

De Carvalho Flavio

Flávio de Carvalho was one of the main artists of the Brazilian modern movement. Deemed by Le Corbusier as a “romantic revolutionary”, Flávio de Carvalho was a man of many skills who got involved in an innovative and provocative way in artistic fields as different as painting, architecture, writing, theatre, design or sculpture. He is recognized today as a visionary who bequeathed us a rich and eclectic work. Irreverent and provocative cultural leader, he is considered a precursor of Multimedia Arts.
In Architecture, the houses complex on Alameda Lorena street in São Paulo (1936-1938) and the Capuava ranch (1939) are both precursors of the modern architecture movement in Brazil. They perfectly synthesize his idea that interior design is as important as architecture. The image of this provocative and disrespectful man is particularly related to his iconoclasts “performances” carried out as well on the artistic as behavioral levels. He is today regarded as one of the precursors of the 60’s « Happenings » in the United States. But before everything, Flávio de Carvalho is a worldwide renowned painter. His style is classified as expressionist with surrealist and fauvists look. His paintings are parts of the collections of the world most important museums of modern art.

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