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Deam Christopher C.

Deam Christopher C.

Christopher C. Deam is a designer and architect negotiating the realm between furniture design, architecture, interiors, and product design. His studio CCD is an interdisciplinary design studio whose work reveals a refined yet powerful vision over an expanding plateau of innovative projects. His work builds upon the aesthetic standards and exquisite restraint of previous modern masters and represents the core values of a designer who believes in design that is direct, honest and unadorned. Deam’s quest to make his design “essential” is characterized by the reduction of design elements, gracefully revealing the enduring beauty that ultimately rests in the utility of design. He has studied architecture and design in both the US and Italy and received his Master’s Degree from the University of Notre Dame. In 1991 he started CCD his architecture and design studio and began building and distributing his own furniture designs.
Deam’s work is published internationally and continues to receive a professional distinction. Christopher C. Deam’s furniture embodies the superior craft, material sensitivity, and legible function pertinent to responsive design for the next century. His pieces are sought avidly by the public as well as collectors, and his gallery pair is part of the permanent collection of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. His designs are in production for companies such as Herman Miller, Pure Design, Idee, Totem, and David Design. Through uncompromising material and design concepts, Christopher C. Deam’s architecture creates provocative relationships and elegant solutions for the complex demands of flexibility and mobility required in today’s residential and commercial environments. “Very seldom do we have singular uses for things. I try to allow for spontaneity and inventiveness on the part of the user.” Mr. Deam resides in the San Francisco Bay Area where he balances his time between his design studio, teaching at CCAC, his family, and surfing. Deam says: ‘My work is about allowing us to live simply, not an infatuation with design’.

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