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Eames LCM - authenticity  


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28/01/2018 1:55 pm  

Hello forum members,

I set my eye on a an Eames LCM chair currently on offer. The backrest has to be remounted and shockmounts need to be replaced, but otherwise the chair seems to be in a good condition. I am just having a little doubt regarding the authenticity of the chair, as there's no more label, sticker or stamp present on the underside.

According to seller, the chair was produced by Herman Miller in the 60s. Judging by the photos (e.g. floor glides), it somehow looks more recent to me. The seller pointed out that the stamps on the rubber shockmounts, the dimensions of the chair, and the bolts are all indications of authenticity. I was wondering whether anyone here has seen the stamps on the rubber shockmounts before, and whether they could indeed be an indication of authenticity, or whether there are any other clues that could reassure me.

Thank you in advance!
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