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Original, 1970s, Pair of Eros Side Tables by Angelo Mangiarotti for Skipper Fucina Italy.


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Reference number: #19631

Yes, a prized pair, and quite the genuine early pair, one table still sporting a partial Skipper label as confirmation. Don’t see that very often. Angelo Mangiarotti’s work, always a touch left of centre, is most typified by his Eros series of tables. From the Eros series, it’s the small side tables which implement all that is good, functional and desirable in the world of antique to mid-century furniture. At the height of good design, they’re neat, convenient and easy to handle. Typifying a movement, they’re highly decorative, named, Italian mid-century with an easy, lived presentation. And on this occasion, a pair. They couldn’t be easier to the eye, or easier to live with. This is all about the find. Condition: The tables have a gentle, mellow, overall sheen. As you catch the tops across the light and at certain angles, a level of distressing in scuffs and scrapes is seen to the tops. Down the family line, used as intended through the decades as a pair of side tables by a sofa. Enjoyed whilst being honestly used, not abused. Any distressing could be hand-machine buffed out, if deemed necessary. An original fault to the underside of a base is old and overlookable ( see photo). For some ready to use. We’ve done nothing to them other than check them over. You may choose to do anything from flim-flam, soapy wash or hand machine cut and buff or hard wax. DIMENSIONS: H: 39cm W: 55cm D: 46cm (slight variation between the tables due to crafting techniques). Priced as a pair.


1970 – 1979

Designer(s)Mangiarotti Angelo
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