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Rizzo Willy

Rizzo Willy

Born into a family in Naples, Willy Rizzo made his first shots from childhood, photographing his classmates using an Agfa Box offered by his mother.

As early as 1944, he bought a Rolleiflex and, supported by the photographer Gaston Paris, he enters the world of cinema, frequenting the studios of Billancourt and Joinville in particular. He photographs the stars who are enthusiastic about him. After the war, he made his first trip to the United States. He is hired by Point de Vue and realizes his first reports. He leaves for Tunisia, from where he reports a report on the carcasses of tanks, bought by LIFE. After the war, he works for France Dimanche, covers the first Cannes Film Festival. He travels to the United States.

Willy Rizzo photographed most of the stars from 1945 to 1970: Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Maria Callas, Sarah Vaughan, Gregory Peck …

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