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Lange Gerd

Lange Gerd

The designer Gerd Lange was born in 1931 in Wuppertal. He studied until 1956 at the Werkkunstschule in Offenbach. In Kapsweyer / Pfalz Gerd Lange opened in 1961 a design studio. In 1967 Gerd Lange designs the very much for the company Drabert in Minden

successful plastic chair “SM 400”. This chair is very light and stackable, it consists of a tubular steel frame with attached polyamide seat. In 1973, Gerd Lange designed the “Flex 2000” chair for Thonet. He com

wood and plastic are combined for the first time, the legs of the chair are made of solid beech wood, the struts are made of plywood, and the seat is made of molded polypropylene. In 1966, Gerd Lange designed a series for Bofinger in Stuttgart

Foldable furniture consisting of a chair, ATisch, bed and cupboard. Gerd Lange also designs several luminaires, for Kartell the oval wall lamp “Sconce 4035” made of plastic was created in 1969.

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