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Contemporary Design Market 2020

    The Contemporary Design Market is a special presentation and sales moment of well-known Belgian based designers and upcoming talents in a variety of different design disciplines with diversified materials. Join this unique market to discover, meet and buy Belgian design. Professionals, collectors, advisors, (interior) architects and design lovers are invited to discover a … Continue reading “Contemporary Design Market 2020”

Brussels Design Market 2020

20TH CENTURY DESIGN FAIR Since its creation in 2002, the Brussels Design Market has evolved into the « the largest design market in Europe » and has quickly become a must-see in the international vintage design calendar. Maintaining its unique atmosphere usually characterized by flea markets, the Brussels Design Market has continued to grow, to … Continue reading “Brussels Design Market 2020”

Scandinavian Design Roots

The Masters of Social Democracy  Scandinavia, a territory surrounded by ice, has always imposed on mankind an age-old struggle to adapt to the very harsh climatic conditions that prevail there. These conditions have made the development of agriculture and population growth particularly difficult. On behalf of the common need to protect themselves in an extreme … Continue reading “Scandinavian Design Roots”

SERIAL EATER : food design stories in Grand-Hornu

Curator: Benjamin Stoz 28.06.20 → 29.11.20   The Serial Eater exhibition examines thirty years of experimentation and reflection on the “food object”. Since its development in the 1990s until its most recent implications, the analysis of food design will enable us to understand the evolutions in consumer habits and how awareness has been raised about the … Continue reading “SERIAL EATER : food design stories in Grand-Hornu”

Iconic houses in XXs

The 20th century was one of the most inspiring and progressive centuries for the discipline of architecture. This period was marked by many technological and modern innovations whose aesthetics inspired architects and designers, revolutionizing the history of architecture. The Lovell Health House by Neutra The Lovell Health House is the first detached house with a … Continue reading “Iconic houses in XXs”

Design in the 1980s

The 1980s were marked by many events, from the discovery of the AIDS virus to the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Chernobyl disaster, these years appear to be a period of turbulent transition. A new economic dynamism created by globalization and the emergence of the Internet. Personal success is on display, while the spread … Continue reading “Design in the 1980s”