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A collection of vases and containers that play with scales and invite you to jump into the water.A glass pool ladder poetically dialogues with an uncluttered clear shape.Developed while in residency at Fabrica Design Studio and sold exclusively at Please Do Not Enter, in Los Angeles.-Clear borosilicate glass blown by Massimo Lunardon in Italy.-limited edition of 30 signed pieces After … Continue reading “Nage”

Sibirjak Lounge Chair

Sibirjak by Anastasia Koshcheeva is a modern lounge chair made of birchbark. The almost forgotten natural material is not only flexible, soft, water-repellent and antibacterial, but also breathable, durable and strong. Despite these unique characteristics, it gets gradually forgotten. Sibirjak deals with the question of how to reinterpret an age-old tradition and also how to make the … Continue reading “Sibirjak Lounge Chair”

Marcin Rusak

Marcin Rusak (born in 1987, Warsaw, Poland) is an artist and multidisciplinary designer interested in ideas of value, ephemerality and aesthetics. Specializing in storytelling, process and material investigation his work often incorporates research, object and installation as well as visual creations to explore overlooked details of our lives which recreated and reimagined are shown again … Continue reading “Marcin Rusak”

Lui5 Armchair

A classic of its kind, the wooden chair with cane seat serves as a point of reference for the Lui5 chairs: the traditional techniques used to make them are undertaken faithfully and with mastery, but the curved, soft forms of the original model leave space for simplified lines and crystallised forms that multiply in space … Continue reading “Lui5 Armchair”

design classic duesseldorf *

design classic duesseldorf is THE annual German Fair for Modern Design Classics – with its 20th return beginning of December 2018 presenting more than 150 dealers over 5000 square metres.Visitors from USA, South Korea, Brazil, Japan and nearly all European countries meet in Duesseldorf every time, the design event takes place. Indian summer on the Rhine … Continue reading “design classic duesseldorf *”

Wooden Plaids

“Wooden Textiles” convey a new tactile experience.We are used to experience wood as a hard material; we know the feeling of walking across wooden floors, to touch a wooden tabletop or to feel the bark of a tree. But we usually don’t experience a wooden surface which can be manipulated by touch.”Wooden Textiles” is a … Continue reading “Wooden Plaids”

Wooden Hammock

This award-winning Wooden Hammock by Australian designer Adam Cornish  is an alternative to the common cloth hammock. Although made from wood, the design is flexible and comfortable due to the rubber vertebra which allows the wooden segments to move, mimicking the human spine. Manufactured from a standard sheet of plantation grown plywood, the design maximizes the economy of materials … Continue reading “Wooden Hammock”

Isla Coffee Table

The Isla is all curves. Sculptural and futuristic, its asymmetrical top perches above two large voluminous legs.Wood Tabletop: Walnut, Blackened Walnut, Bleached Maple, Blackened Maple, Natural White Oak, or Blackened White OakStone Tabletop: Travertine, Pietra Cardosa Marble, Petite Granite Limestone, or Rojo Alicante MarbleTable Base: Lacquered Wood in colors including Clay, Dove, Flint, Charcoal, Caviar, … Continue reading “Isla Coffee Table”

Nakano Twins

By Adam Nathaniel Furman To be seen at the Biennale INTERIEUR 2018 18-22 October Kortrijk, Belgium The Nakano Twins are a pair of furniture units designed to be as full of personality as cartoon characters, voluble, talkative little members of the household that bring as much animation to the spaces they are in as a happy pet, … Continue reading “Nakano Twins”

Poster Lamp by YOY

An example of minimalist designJapanese studio YOY proposes simple and very innovative design creations.POSTER is a series of a wall lamp like a A2-sized poster.Two cuts are made in the paper to form the curved lamp shape, and a small LED light is fitted inside.The light illuminates the paper from behind, while the cuts allow light to … Continue reading “Poster Lamp by YOY”

Stoneware & engobes

His sculptural objects seem sober spatial constructions: boxlike, slab built architectural structures of austere colours dominated by right angles. But appearances are deceptive: these objects have a poetic charm which saves them from only being rational and cold. The eye of the beholder detects small projections, subtle displacements and slants which, together with the immediate … Continue reading “Stoneware & engobes”

Space Horizon 24 B

For the past 20 years, Jos Devriendt has been working with the mushroom as an archetypal form translated into functional sculpture. Part of an ongoing series known as Night and Day, Jos Devriendt’s lamps express his interest in the ways in which time and atmosphere can transform our perception of objects and contexts. Deftly rendered … Continue reading “Space Horizon 24 B”

Rainbow Chair

Unveiled in 1999 at the Paris Furniture Show, this chair was immediately noticed by Giulio Cappellini. That was the beginning of my collaboration with this major house. Using an innovative technique, it is entirely built with multi-colored sheets of resin bonded by ultrasound. The contrast between its sober lines and psychedelic colors softened by the … Continue reading “Rainbow Chair”

Brilli – Model E

Fantastic, daring, and acutely colorful are words that describe the innovative work of Italian artist Jacopo Foggini. Working with a machine of his own invention, Foggini heats metacrylate, a polymer derivative, to volcanic temperatures in order to create thick, colorful threads he molds by hand into lit art. Foggini sites the magic of childhood and … Continue reading “Brilli – Model E”

Gioielli Wall Light

This week in MilanDesigner / Christopher Coombes & Cristiana Giopato Manufacturer / Giopato & Coombes This sculptural piece uses metal and artisan Murano glass to create a multifaceted wall light.Numerous components work in harmony, projecting direct or indirect light about the Gioielli, with each element bearing its own special characteristics.The emerald green light has a battuto … Continue reading “Gioielli Wall Light”

Construction III

The work consists of 522 Italian Travertine Silver blocks and a framed hand-drawn construction drawing.The blocks have been cut and sanded into 10 different basic shapes, based on children’s wooden toy blocks. These are built into a construction, based on the construction drawing on black paper.The blocks are not affixed in any way, but placed … Continue reading “Construction III”

‘Crescent Lovseat’

PAD PARIS (5-8 April) Galerie BSLThe ‘Crescent Loveseat’ is a contemporary reinterpretation of several major classics from the 50’s.The comfortable crescent shaped design offers soft, pure yet flexible lines enhanced by the contrast of fabrics.The back that resembles a cape envelops the loveseat enhancing its cozy aspect and completing the attire.The small size of this … Continue reading “‘Crescent Lovseat’”

Dancing Stones

The work ‘Dancing Stones’ from Gerard Kuijpers is the result of extensive purification. The steel and stone reach their ultimate essences. The steel being as strong as never before; the stone radiates its heaviness. This piece of art shows how the stone, even in complete rest, never loses the potential of movement. ‘Dancing Stones’ consists … Continue reading “Dancing Stones”

Flora Lamp

Flora lamp is a balanced composition of geometric cantilevered shapes, composed of brass, glass, and our unique Flora Perma material. A glass globe offsets the body, offering a soft dimmable light source. Flora Perma: The body of the lamp is carefully machined to reveal the intricate and complex beauty of the cross sections of flowers, … Continue reading “Flora Lamp”


This beautiful molded glass carafe was particularly noticed at the last fair in Milan.GLASS SERIESmaterial: glasstechnique: glass blowingyear: 2017dimensions: 195x130x310mmVítor Agostinho is a ceramic designer with a relevant experience in cookware products to industry. Recently he starts to reorient his work for a more personalized and artistic development as a result of his investigation in … Continue reading “POLIEDRO #56”

Mer noire

The coffee table Mer Noire takes its inspiration from the sea, both attractive and frightening, its perpetual movement and its ever changing appearance. With this piece I tried to capture the present moment, and to fix forever a fragment of the sea surface. Leather was the obvious material for such an endeavor : leather is … Continue reading “Mer noire”


SPLIT Table legs made from one piece of bended tube that is split up on both sides.The cut reveals the intimate inside showing a colored surface.The object appears vulnerable and elegant at the same time.Inspired by the ancient bamboo cutting technique.Producer : Oppa (Brazil)Louisa Köber studied European Design in Stuttgart at Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden … Continue reading “Split”

Wall-mounted CD-player

This small wall-mounted CD-player exemplifies Naoto Fukasawa’s approach to product design. Fukasawa wanted to design an object that would trigger an instinctive or unconscious response in its user. He described this instinctive response as ‘Without Thought’, arguing that products should not need an instruction manual, that their functionality should be evident instinctively.Fukusawa noted the resemblance … Continue reading “Wall-mounted CD-player”